Naturopathic care may involve a single visit or numerous depending on your current health status and what you hope to achieve.

Initial Consultation – 60 Minutes

During the initial consultation a thorough gathering of information regarding both your current and previous health history will be taken as well as a review of your current diet and lifestyle. An assessment of any recent test results will be undertaken or a referral to your GP for further testing if required. We will discuss your health goals and what is required to achieve them.

Initial treatment of your symptoms can usually start straight away with changes to diet and lifestyle.

(Please bring along any recent test results or relevant health information and details of any prescribed medications or nutritional supplements currently being taken.)

First Return Consultation – 40 Minutes

A first return consult will involve further discussion about your health aims and goals and any additions or changes that may be needed to help you achieve these.

We will discuss any issues or difficulties you may have and provide support where required.

An assessment of any new test results will be taken if required.

Follow Up Consultations – 30 Minutes

A 30 minute consultation is usually all that is needed as treatment progresses to assess and discuss progress, any difficulties or new issues or changes that may be required.

Dispensing Consult – 15 Mins

A short 15 minute consult may be required at times to assess ongoing treatment before renewing an existing prescription.



Herbal Medicine
Herbal medicine has been used in the treatment of acute and chronic health conditions for thousands of years and are a gentle form of medicine that work synergistically with the body to help restore and maintain health.

Naturopaths are trained in the use of western herbal medicines for treating many conditions and are knowledgeable of potential contra-indications with certain conditions or medications.

Medicinal herbs are blended together to develop a formula to suit your individual needs and be prescribed in either liquid, tablet or tea preparation.

Nutritional Medicine 

Optimal nutrition is at the core of good health and after assessment of your nutritional status through clinical observations, dietary analysis and pathology testing for signs of deficiency will be prescribed in food and or supplement form as part of your treatment.

While most deficiencies can be rectified through dietary changes there are times when supplementation will be required. A Naturopath will prescribe supplements that have been produced in therapeutic dosages for optimal benefit.

Diet and Lifestyle Coaching

Life in the modern world has become very hectic and stressful and our physical and mental health often suffers. What we eat and the way we live our lives plays a huge role in how healthy we are. Ensuring we have a good balance of healthy diet, exercise and relaxation is vital in maintaining good health and to prevent illness and chronic disease as we age. Education and support are often missing when we attempt to make changes to improve our health and quality of life. But with the support of a qualified professional you can take charge of your health and with a balanced approach ensure you are treating your body and mind with respect.



  • Initial consult – 60 minutes – $90
  • First Return Consult – 40 minutes – $80
  • Return Consults – 30 minutes – $60
  • Dispensing or Acute Consults – 15 minutes – $40

*Price may vary in certain cases 



  • HICAPS – Health Insurance rebates for consultation fees are available with some private health insurance providers.
  • Student and healthcare card holders are entitled to a discount of 10%



  • Herbal medicines and supplements are not included in consult fee